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From just 1 website in 1991 to nearly 2 billion websites in 2021, all businesses are fast-moving Online. Automation is not about reducing manpower, it’s about increasing productivity, revenue & growth.  Don’t be left behind – Contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your plans and vision on how we can help you grow faster and better!

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Streamline your business with help of Automation

Automation helps with increased productivity, reduced costs, faster growth, and makes you more competitive in the market. Above all, it reduces manual errors and ensures availability. Ultimately bringing in 'peace of mind'.

Software and Applications

Websites, SEO and Social media


Boost your Online presence and sales

Thanks to our versatile IT experience, our mindset is not limited to just the technical jargon. We have and innovative result-oriented approach.


Quality Associates to help you grow

We have a strong pool of IT experts who can recruit or staff suitable associates for your needs. We provide both Onshore & Offshore associates to help fulfil your IT requirements. 

Staffing and Recruitment

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Brainstorm solutions

We work through problems and solutions together with our clients making sure we understand both their pain points and their ideal outcome. We have access to numerous solution offerings. We ask the right questions and listen to the client’s pain points carefully to recommend the right solution at the right time.

Current trends, solutions and strategies

We generate value for our clients by bringing new ideas and solutions to them based on our research of their organization and the available business solutions that overlap with their marketplace

Result Oriented Projects

We focus on a high-grade product to get you the most out of your hard-earned money.

Peace of Mind

Aishanya Solutions is recognized as a top-quality IT service provider because our actions are in the best interest of our clients. We take care of the hard work and offer you peace of mind.

From powerpreneurs to teams, we got you covered.


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